A Pixeled Point of View

A Pixeled Point of View

A weekly collection from the inter-webs concerning culture + technology.


An interesting mini-casestudy about Starbucks and a recent SMS and MMS campaigns as part of a larger multichannel effort that is launching from Twitter, Facebook and within the company’s mobile application.

Layered type is the shizzle.  If you look around you it has snuck into the current typographic vernacular with the speed of an invading Russian force. Each layer of the typeface has a style compliments the other layers. Think outlines, inlines, dots, stripes and other bits that create an eye-popping effect. Head over here.

Its time to put on your strategy hat and get all wonky about mobile via Adage.

A wonderful campaign site from Prudential but Droga 5. It encompasses the strategy of an experiential event that encourages the audience to participate in proving a point about your product, in this case a retirement product. Document that event.  Share that content and call attention to it via advertising.


Johnny Marr

From the guitar player behind The Smiths, Modest Mouse and most modern British rock bands, this Soundcloud page has some of his best work. There is also a brilliant interview from the guys at Sodajerker that is over here.  P.S. They have loads and loads of interview with other amazing songwriters in their archives.

Country Funk :: Volume II 1967-1974

Rare grooves from a genre that I had no idea existed. Selections from the likes of Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Jackie DeShannon, JJ Cale, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Bobby Darin. This quote sums it up, “groovy pleasure in defying record company sanctioned categorization, relishing in a sticky, smoky, purely American cross-pollination and freedom.” Hear Willis Alan Ramsey and company play a super funky song called, “Northeast Texas Women” over on Aquarium Drunkard.


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