A Pixeled Point of View

A weekly collection from the inter-webs concerning culture + technology.


A wonderfully niche tumblr about UX/UI that focuses on first time user experiences.  http://firsttimeux.tumblr.com/

Spend a few minutes and geek out on car dashboard design with this photo blog. Besides well-designed italian expresso machines, I feel car dashboards represent the vanguard of UI. Avanti!  http://car-ux.com/

This agency’s blog has a nice observation about the connection between Responsive Design and Cassette Design. For you youngsters, cassettes were a portable audio container that used 1/8” magnetic tape to hold the music. Crazy, right? Crazy, good.  Have a gander. http://needmoredesigns.com/blog/early-responsive-design/


Building on the immense popularity of manicure art — where intricate patterns and small gem-like stones are stuck on the nail — toy company Takara Tomy Arts. has developed a micro-thin LED sticker that uses NFC to communicate with your smartphone and lights up when you make a call – or use an electronic money card.  Link

Facebook has announced Nearby Friends, a new feature built into Facebook’s mobile app that allows you to see which of your friends are close by, and even share your exact location with others. The new feature uses the geolocation technology in your smart phone to determine when you are close to one of your Facebook friends. When activated, the feature will send periodic notifications alerting you to friends who are nearby. Link


Tearjerker is the name of the band and they have put out an EP. “After some sputters and coughs, the transfixing loop kicks in—it’s a soccer chant, something huge and relentlessly simple designed to ripple out over festival masses. Hear it once, and feel it become part of your under-the-breath murmuring for the rest of your day.” Link

Gorilla vs. Bear has the audio goodness that we need right now. Check out the mix for March 2014 and it will make you forget about all this crummy weather we’ve been having. Standout artists include: Yumi Zouma, DJ Rashad and Tei Shi.  http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2014/03/26/march-2014-mix/


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