“In May of 2012…

“In May of 2012, eMarketer published a report that showed 63 percent of marketers have no mobile measurement in place at all,” said Benjamin Diggles, director of digital marketing at Webtrends, Portland, OR.

What I find comfort in is knowing about ignorance. Not to be insulting but this number is shocking. Measurement or ‘metrics’ should be the foundation of every digital project not just mobile. As a digital creative, I understand that the best idea in the world is essentially blind and short-lived without metrics. If the goal of your mobile project is about retention, relevance and driving relationships with the consumer, hadn’t you better find a suite of tools to back it up? Don’t just rely on your media or strategy peeps to wave their fingers at the client and talk about ‘top of the funnel’ nonsense.  Back up your kick-ass mobile idea with solid measurment and that way your can tell a complete story with a happy ending.

Link to the article


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