680 Million Monthly Active Users

Thats a big number.  Actually, thats a huge number but as the expression goes its really not just a number, is it?  That number represents Facebook’s subset of mobile users on a monthly basis. Thier total number of monthly users is 1.06 billion, which is also, as they say up in Boston, wicked massive. What does 680 million monthly users on mobile mean? It means that for anyone building a marketing campaign if you don’t create a strategy and execution with a Facebook mobile user path, you are missing the boat about the size of a huge cruise ship. This group is a solid, engaged user base that are on smart phones and checking their Facebook accounts at least twice a day. They are female, male, gen z, gen x and they are global. Everyone from Shopper Marketing to Brand to Experiential to Social should know this number, 680 million.  This number is not really a number but an arrow and a beacon. As an arrow, it shows the path is towards mobile engagement and as a beacon it clearly showes us where we as marketers need to be steering the ship. If your next engagement doesn’t have this number factored in then, chum, your’e missing the boat.


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