What I am reading this week.

Digital Shopper Marketing

Digby Localpoint Storefront: a tool that can be layered on to you app that enables geo-fencing technology to deliver analyitics for local retailers. Geeky but potentially very powerful.

The Impulse Economy:  an interview from Untethered.tv’ Rob Woodridge with the author and digerati, Gary Schwartz. The premise of the book is is that if you aren’t driving revenue or deeper customer engagement through mobile, you shouldn’t be doing it.


Mobile Apps and Start-ups

Chute: an API that lets developers and content producers easily manage and enhance their photo capabilities on multiple platforms.  If your startup app is based on photo or photo sharing, this API will cut your development time in half.

Chaotic Moon Lab’s Board of Imangination:  Take a Samsung Windows 8 tablet, add a motorized long board and an integrated Emotiv EPOC headset is worn by the rider and translates their brain waves into actions.  What the f-uck!  Just watch the video below and try not to drool at the sheer creativity behind this experiement. 




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