Ernie Shenck has a new book out and I am running to get it.  Ernie is an advertising genius and brilliant copywriter.  The link above is to a column in CA that Ernie pens.  In his column, when he talks about,’creative judo,’ and ,’thinking inside the box,’ I just get tingles.  For most of my career, I have had mostly client with little to no budget.  This puts your back to the wall and forces you to ask many questions.  It forces you to use the economies of execution and messaging.  You can’t rely on the Director, the Editor or your rich media takeover of Yahoo’s homepage to do the job. 

Case in point: my first job out of art school was as the Graphic Designer for the Knitting Factory in NYC.  An avant-guard, music club in below Canal St., the Knit had some of the best musicians in the world but little to no budget to promote them.  Usually, it was $500, which translated into 500 1 color posters that we had postered around town on the cheap by the punker, bar-backs from the club(now this is called street marketing).  My motivation was if you didn’t notice the poster, you didn’t go to the club, if your didn’t go to the club , you didn’t buy a ticket to see the band and you didn’t buy beer.  What this would lead to is me not getting paid.  So it was in my best interest to make the communication of the poster memorable and to motivate you into the club.  I could have used Ernie’s book 12 years ago.

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